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About Us

Uwe Wullfen took over Bioshop Noosa in 2014 and has placed great importance on sourcing from local suppliers to ensure the produce is always the freshest it can possibly be.

Uwe’s enthusiasm for organic, local produce and the finest products and ingredients is infectious and with over two decades in the organic food industry, Uwe is always on the lookout for innovative and new produce from local farmers to add to the shop’s ever growing range. The awareness of eating more with a conscious mind is growing and all of our local certified organic fresh produce is in very high demand. It is so great to see how our customers are consuming and demanding more of the local produce items than to the big names.

Our aim is to make organic produce a staple in every household with affordable produce that families can afford. We believe in the personal touch and our friendly staff and happy to share their knowledge and assist our customers. We stock a vast range of organic local seasonal produce, gourmet cheeses and more.

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Why organic?

From the ground up, organic farming takes a holistic, natural approach.

Healthy soil grows healthy plants that produce an abundant bounty.

At its most basic level, organic farming is done without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals, and it produces food that is free of those artificial chemicals – outside and in. Many see the organic option as a more ethical one.

The principals of organic agriculture include concerns for safe food production, for the environment, for animal welfare and issues of social justice. We buy organic produce to reduce the artificial chemicals taken into our bodies, through food, cleaning products and skin care.

But often we choose organic with the knowledge that those producing it strived to minimise harm to the land, animals, and people. Organic farming is not easy (if you’ve ever had pests in your garden you will understand), and buying organic is often more expensive

But it is more environmentally sustainable, and the best option if you want to reduce the artificial chemicals going into your body, as well as additives found in many processed non-organic foods. At Bioshop Noosa all products are either certified organic to the highest national and international standards in their country of origin, or are whole foods of the highest standard.

Visiting Noosa or have a special occasion you want to celebrate?
Why not order one of our organic hampers! We have a huge range of hampers for you to choose from, Breakfast, Organic Fruit, Vegan, Three Cheeses, Gourmet Picnic or First Point. We are happy to customise a hamper to suit any occasion. Contact us at Bioshop Noosa.

Special Hamper

Real Magazine

Real Magazine offers quality health and nutrition information, organic industry news, product reviews, the stories behind local farmers, makers and suppliers plus more! Our intention behind Real Magazine is not only to spread the word about our quality products and services but also to inform our readers about the local community organisations we support and tell their stories. Click through interesting information and stories about Real Food and Real People.

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